Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Craft Shopping Saturday

On Saturday, I was feeling crafty. I went to my favorite neighborhood craft store, Fiber Notion, and picked up supplies to do some embroidery.

This is a new undertaking for me. I did cross-stitch as a kid, but never legitimate embroidery. A few months ago, I picked up theKyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Woolly Embroidery book. Why not give it a go?

I bought some basic supplies, plus a nice color palette of tapestry wool and thread. I was also more than thrilled to see that the store carries Sublime Stitching patterns, so I picked up the stationery kit and the Russian doll pattern pack.

I finally pulled myself away from the store and ventured onward.

I've lived in New York for three years and only now am I discovering that there is a subway-accessible Michael's craft store in Queens at the Northern Blvd stop. I know, I know. How could I? But I discovered and now I have visited. I picked up way too much stuff at Michael's, including:

Scrapbook (it was on sale and my current one is overflowing)
Plywood to make a string art project
Wood stain for the plywood
Paint brush for the wood stain
More embroidery basics (needles, plastic hoops, etc.)

I was close to buying one of the Simpsons latch hook kits, but I held myself back. Now, what to start on first...